A shoe for most seasons

Good morning, Monday. It's gloomy in New York City today and yea, it's Monday so...ughs.

I'm sitting here trying to figure out when to switch my closet over to Fall/Winter- still in the 70s here in NY so what to wear? What to wear?My mom always taught me about the power of transitional pieces that have seasonless appeal. Not bad advice at all and since our seasons seem to blur into one another these days, maybe closet switch outs are no longer that important? Really this closet switchout is very much mirroring my life- I'm feeling a bit betwtixt and between and not here nor there. One thing I know- staying stylish in such uncertain times is still important to me somehow. 

One thing I love as a good transitional piece is the furkenstock. This trend started around 2013 with Celine and has made the rounds truly- from No. 6 clogs to Fenty by Puma slides. Furry sandals are having a moment it seems, well more than a moment really.

With comfortable shoes very much in style (from stack heels to platforms to flatforms and back again), Birkenstock is still having a nice little brand moment. Barney's collaborated with them on a collection, and upon passing a favorite local boutique in my neighborhood, I glanced upon these little pockets of goodness in the window. 

Because with weather that is a bit upside down, why not combine a sandal and some  fur? Think of Gucci's now iconic mule with the fur lining. Those are a bit much for some (price and stylewise), but the Birkenstock combines function and fashion in a very cool way. I give you the furkenstock- surely your feet will thank you. And you can stay warmish but still rock your pedicure. Check them out on the Birkenstock site as well as some other pretty cool looks- love the felt clog vibe too. 

Cause that's what's up this new moon on Monday in the 212. Yours, in transitions. XO

(Note: I don't condone the wearing of fur but wanted to share this trend).