A little more on simplicity...

Good morning, Wednesday. It's another yucky day weatherwise and really all I want to do is get under the duvet. Has anyone noticed a huge uptick in anxiety? I'm seeing it all over the news- from Carson Daly to Kendall Jenner to The Rock- everyone seems very anxious. Even Kyle on TRHOBH last night had a panic attack. Yes, we can blame Trump for some of this, but these here are anxious times.

Yesterday I posted about how much I love and crave a more stripped down approach to dress, even if today I am rocking a print dress with birds all over it. :)

I think in such anxious times there's something so appealing about order, quiet, and ease. So even though today's not technically a throwback day, I have to shout out this beautiful portrait book somebody bought into my office today, of Gap portraits from the past. I so miss the golden days of this classic American brand (as I've said a million times right here)- and the beautiful, quiet portraits in the book took my breath away. One of my favorites is this one of Shalom Harlow. Sure she is so very young here but you could put her in that same outfit today and she'd still look incredible. It's true she has super genes, but that's not the point- classic, simple, dialed in. Completely age agnostic. And completely in step with today's wild times. And although I take great glee in Gucci's fashion carnival approach, I do so love the feeling of a basic moment. It's top of mind as the times continue to challenge all of us, and as fashion has lost touch with modern life.

One of my friends wrote a great piece about the rise of a more utiltarian/outdoorsy approach to fashion which, quite frankly, will never align with my tastes. I'm not a girl who's going to wear a Patagonia jacket. Or a hiking boot. I'm not a hiker. I never will be. Well, never say never but there are some things I just know.  To me, that feels very mass where somehow the perfect tee shirt does not. I can still shine through in a tee shirt, without looking like I'm headed to some grown up version of Outward Bound. Not. For. Me. I guess my own version of "functional" is a bit more akin to city life than mountain life so there you have it. 

So a classic wardrobe of jeans, white button downs, grey sweatshirts, and a few other staples? I think I could go to there. And back to that anxiety thing- it certainly would alleviate the morning huff and puff breakdown of what shall i bloody wear? 

So yea, I guess basics are top of mind. I just wanted to share my morning inspiration in the face of so much meshugas in the world. Let's take it down a notch people. Shit's getting a little too real. 

Cause that's what's up this dreary morning in the not so basic NYC. Yours, in an unplugged approach to dress. XO